CADopia Features

Standard DWG file format.

PDF Import

  • CADopia‚Äôs native file format is DWG, which allows you to open AutoCAD drawings.
  • DWG read and write support upto AutoCAD version 2015.
  • Allows Import and export of PDF File (Professional version only).

Advanced 3D functionality.

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  • CADopia uses the ACIS solid modeling engine to provide you most advanced 3D modeling tools.
  • Supports features such as lofting, sweeping along a path, extrusion and revolution for creating complex, mathematically complete 3D models suitable for downstream engineering analysis and manufacturing.

Comprehensive drafting tools

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  • CADopia includes a comprehensive set of easy to use precision drafting tools.
  • Supports WYSIWYG graphical editing using grip points.
  • Productivity enhancing drafting tools such as custom construction plane, entity snaps, grids, entity and polar tracking allowsyou to complete your drawings precisely and efficiently

Familiar User Interface.

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  • No long learning curve and loss of productivity.
  • CADopia supports the standard command interface as well as menus, toolbars, aliases and keyboard shortcuts.
  • The Familiar ribbon interface allows you to access all the tools more easily.

Easy to learn & use

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  • Extensive help files and documentation are included to help you get the most out of CADopia.
  • Help includes descriptions and instructions for all the features in the software.
  • Self-paced CADopia courseware is available for purchase.

Printing and Plotting.

PDF Import

  • CADopia support all the common printing features for CAD drawings.
  • CADopia allows you to add and remove custom paper sizes for printing drawings to DWG, PDF, PNG, JPG, SVG, and DWF formats.

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