New in CADopia 23

Release 2023 provides the following new commands and features:

Note: Release 2023 can read and write DWG files up to the latest version of this format (R2018).
The same applies to DXF (Drawing eXchange Format) files, which store unencrypted drawing
database contents.
Some of the new commands and features were introduced in service packs since the previous release and before the current major release.

User Interface:

  • Contextual Ribbon Tabs
    User interface is enhanced now with contextual ribbons that are displayed when you select specific entities in the graphics area or when you use some commands for creating new entities.
    Contextual tabs are available for the following operations:

    • Creating and editing hatches.
    • Editing table cells.
    • Editing PDF and DGN underlay.
    • Editing images and external references.
    • Editing dimensions, leaders, multileader, and tolerance symbols.
  • Dark-style Dialog Boxes
  • All dialog boxes support the dark-style interface.

New Commands:

  • AlignX
    Aligns a set of specified entities according to the first selected one.
  • MeasureGeometry
    Measures distances, radius, angles, and areas within a single command. Command options are available in the Measure Geometry flyout.

New Features:

  • Flatten
    Flattens all specified entities which have a Z coordinate.
  • Block Editor
    The Block Editor is an environment where you can draw and modify geometric entities of the Blocks. To open the Block Editor, use the EditBlock command.
    The following commands are available in the Block Editor:

    • CBClose: Closes the Block Editor.
    • CBSave: Saves the Block definition under the current name.
    • CBSaveAs:Saves the Block definition with a specified name.
    • CBTestBlock: Lets you check Blocks in a test window.
    • CBTestClose:Exits Block test mode.
  • Data Link Manager
    Lets you link a table created within a drawing to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet

    • DataLink: Displays the Data Link Manager dialog box.
    • UpdateDataLink: Updates data from an established external data link.
  • Annotation Monitor
    As the project evolves, changes may cause the loss of the associativity between Dimensions and their related entities. The Annotation Monitor lets you identify dimensions that have lost their associativity with related entities.
  • View Navigator
    The View Navigator is a two ring widget displayed by default in the top-right corner of the graphics area. The View Navigator lets you switch between standard and isometric views of your model with a single click.

    • ViewNavigator: Turns the View Navigator on and off and controls where it displays.
  • Cycling Selection
    Lets you selectively specify entities that are close to or on top of other entities.
  • Middle-click
    Double-clicking the middle mouse button closes the drawing tabs.

New XtraTools commands:

  • Flatten
    Flattens all specified entities which have a Z coordinate.

Modified Features and Commands:

  • Viewports
    You can use various tools to manipulate non-rectangular Viewports:

    • Mirror, scale, stretch, and rotate
    • Clip
    • Reshape using grip points
  • Data Extraction wizard
    You can combine information from an entire Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or only a specified range with data extracted from drawings. The RefineData page of the Wizard provides access to the Link External Data dialog box where you can set up a link between the extracted data from the drawing and an external spreadsheet.
  • Split command enhancements
    The Multiple option lets you select multiple entities and break them at their intersection points with cutting lines. No gaps are created and the split segments remain on the drawing.
  • MakeFlatSnapshot command enhancements
    New options let you customize flat representation of 3D solid objects and Regions.

    • Display tangent edges in the flat representation
    • Specify the color and the line style for the foreground lines
    • Control the display of the hidden lines
    • Modify the color and the line style for the hidden lines
  • Dimensions Context Menu
    The Precision option lets you display the precision of the Dimension value from 0 to 8 decimal places.
  • Drawing Sheet Sets
    • PackAndGo:From the Sheet Set Manager palette, you can create a package from an entire drawing sheet set or subset, or from a single drawing sheet.
    • Drawing Sheet List Table:A drawing sheet list table displays as hyperlinks the titles of all drawing sheets from the drawing sheet set. You can create a table of contents inside the drawing listing all subset sheets.
  • Open and Save file dialog boxes
    New options let you manage files:

    • New folder: Creates a new folder.
    • Delete: Lets you delete a folder.
    • Open file options: Let you open files in read-only mode or with specific character encoding.
    • A context menu groups commands for working with files and folders:
      • Open
      • Delete
      • Rename
      • Browse Containing Folder

  • Utility Commands
    • SmartCalculator:Displays the Smart Calculator palette.

System Variables:

    Turns on and off the Annotation Monitor.
    Controls the View Navigator’s display when the 2D Wireframe ShadeView mode is used.
    Controls the View Navigator’s display when the a 3D ShadeView mode is used.
    Controls the View Navigator tool display in the graphics area according to the current Shade View mode.
    Specifies the corner in which the View Navigator displays in the graphics area.
    Specifies the level of opacity for the View Navigator when inactive.
    Determines whether text entities using SHX fonts are stored in PDF files as comments when exporting a drawing as a PDF file.
    Limits the number of entities that can be changed at one time with the Properties palette.
    Controls the display of the cycling selection stack icon and the list for selecting overlapping entities.

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