New in CADopia 22

New Commands

Editing Commands

  • EditSpline: Modifies the parameters and properties of Splines or converts spline-fit Polylines to Splines.
  • CopyNested: Duplicates drawing entities that are contained in a Block or a Reference and places copies of them at a specified location.

Working with Drawing Files (Only in CADopia 22 Professional Edition)

  • DrawingCompare: Displays the Drawing Compare palette which lets you visually compare two drawings and identify changes that occurred from one version of the drawing to another.
  • HideDrawingCompare: Hides the palette.

Drawing Sheet Sets (Only in CADopia 22 Professional Edition)

The Sheet Set Manager palette groups the functionalities for creating, organizing, and managing drawing sheets within a drawing sheet set.

  • SheetSet: Displays the Sheet Set Manager palette. HideSheetSet hides the palette.
  • NewSheetSet: Opens the Create Drawing Sheet Set wizard which lets you create drawing sheet sets based on existing drawings that contain sheets.
  • OpenSheetSet: Loads drawing sheet sets (.dst file) into the Sheet Set Manager palette.

User Interface

  • ModelBackgroundColor: Lets you specify the background color for the graphics area.
  • ToggleXPStyle: Controls the appearance of Windows dialog boxes, such as Open and Save.

Exporting and Importing (Only in CADopia 22 Professional Edition)

  • ImportSTLasMesh: Imports stereolithography files (STL) and inserts the contained geometry as subdivision mesh objects (SubDMeshes) into the drawing.


  • PageLayoutIn: Imports user-defined page layouts contained in other drawing files (.dwg), drawing exchange files (.dxf), or drawing template files (.dwt) into the current drawing.

New Features

Associative Patterns.

Entities within associative patterns retain their relationships. Associative patterns let you edit them in their entirety instead of changing the individual items in the pattern.

  • The Pattern command has been extended to allow you to create associative linear and circular patterns.
  • The new EditPattern command lets you modify the shape and appearance of associative patterns. You can also edit associative patterns using specific EntityGrips and the Properties palette.

Checking spelling as you type.

Lets you check the spelling of text entities as you type, both for SimpleNotes and for Notes.

Modified Features and Commands

Associative Patterns

Spline command enhancements. Splines can be defined either with fit points, or with control vertices. Accordingly, you can apply two corresponding methods. The implementation of the Control Vertices method lets specify control points, not fit points through which the Spline passes.

New options of the Spline command include:

  • Fit points method, Knots option. Determines the method used to fuse the curves between consecutive fit points within a Spline.
  • Control vertices method, Degree option. Specifies the degree for subsequent Spline constructions. You can create Splines of degree 1 (linear), degree 2 (quadratic), degree 3 (cubic), and so on up to degree 10.


Print dialog box redesigned. Additional options available on the main dialog box instead of a subdialog.


Fields support for Drawing Sheet Sets. You can use Drawing Sheet Set custom properties as fields in your drawings, for example in title blocks.

New System Variables

Spline creation and editing

  • SPLMETHOD: Determines whether the fit points method or the control vertices method applies when creating Splines.
  • SPLDEGREE: Determines the default degree setting for subsequent Spline constructions.
  • SPLKNOTS: Determines the default knot computational method for the Spline command when the fit points method is active (Knots option).
  • PLINECONVERTMODE: Determines whether Polylines are created with linear or arc segments when converting Splines to Polylines.

Sheet Sets (Only in CADopia 22 Professional Edition)

  • SSLOCATE: Specifies whether the sheet set associated with a drawing is located and opened together with the drawing.
  • SSMPOLLTIMES: Sets the time interval (in seconds) for refreshing the sheet status in a sheet set.
  • SSMSHEETSTATUS: Specifies the refresh method of the status data in a sheet set.
  • SSMSTATE: Returns whether the Sheet Set Manager is open or closed.

New in CADopia 21