Licensing Options

CADopia eStore is the perfect place to purchase CADopia Products

When it comes to purchasing CADopia, you have a number of options. Whether you want a single or multiple licenses, whether your needs are for an educational version or for a Professional version, we can help you. If you need to deploy a floating network license of CADopia on your corporate network, that option is also available.

To order new licenses by phone or Fax too.

Product Upgrade Options

If you would like to upgrade the product, please contact

Educational Version

Educational institutes can standardize with CADopia Standard edition at a nominal cost. Students and educators can own personal copies of the product at substantial discounts. To purchase products at educational discounts, contact

Government Purchases
To purchase products for government organizations, contact

Volume Purchases
To standardize on CADopia in your corporate environment, please contact

Special Purchases
CADopia has a special purchase program for various groups and associations. Contact

Purchase Orders
You may use Purchase Orders to purchase CADopia now. Contact
or fax the Official Purchase Order to 1-858-777-3648.