Useful Commands in CADopia

In this article we will discuss some useful commands in CADopia.

  • The REGENAUTO command (Regenerate Automatically):

    The REGEN command regenerates, or reproduces, the current viewports, and recalculates the
    screen location of all entities. But the REGENAUTO command regenerates the current viewport at
    intervals specified by the program when you set to ON. This command avoids frequent use of the
    REGEN command and also saves time. To save time when you are working in a large drawing, turn
    REGENAUTO off.
    The REGENAUTO command is invoked from keyboard.

    Default: Yes
    Automatically rebuild without prompting ?
    Specify <Yes/No>

    To retain the current setting, the default selection, press Enter.
    To turn automatic regeneration on, choose Yes.
    To turn automatic regeneration off, choose No.

  • The VIEWRES command (View Resolution):

    While working in a drawing file circles are displayed as polygons though they are circles.
    The VIEWRES command controls the precision and speed of drawing circles and arcs on the screen
    for smooth display.

    The VIEWRES command is invoked from keyboard.

    Default: Yes
    Prompt in Command Bar: Do you want fast zooms? :
    To accept the current setting, press Enter.
    If you do not want fast zooms, choose No.
    Valid values: 1-20000
    Default: 1000
    Enter curve display quality (range 1-20000):
    Enter the display quality factor.

    A higher number specifies more line segments, which causes your circles and arcs to appear

    CADopia useful commands

  • The LTSCALE command (Global linetype scale):

    The LTSCALE command enables you to modify the global linetype scale of the entities in your
    drawing. It helps to control the spaces between the dashes in your hidden linetypes too big
    or too small to suit your drawing. A higher number value for LTSCALE draws more linetype units
    (the dash/dot combination) per drawing unit.

    The PSLTSCALE system variable (1 – ON or 0 – OFF) is used to control the linetype scale
    with paper space or model space. Set to 0 to utilize the model space linetype scale OR,
    set to 1 to use the scale factor of the viewport.

    The LTSCALE command is invoked from keyboard.

    Default: 1
    Enter new value for LTSCALE>>

    A positive number sets the scale factor for all linetypes.

    CADopia Commands

  • The DRAGMODE command (dragged-entity display):

    The DRAGMODE command switches the dragged-entity display between on, off, and auto. Dragging a
    large number of entities slows the program significantly.

    This command is invoked from keyboard.

    Default: 2
    Enter new value for DRAGMODE
    To keep the default value, press Enter.
    To have the program automatically determine when to display a dragged image, choose 2.
    To always display a dragged image, choose 2.
    To never display a dragged image, choose 0.
    0- Dragging is turned off.
    1 – Obsolete (same as 2).
    2 – An outline of the entities is displayed as the entities are dragged (default)

  • Command Bar:

    Pressing CTRL+9 turns the command bar on and off. The command bar is displayed by default.
    If you accidentally turn it off, you can bring it up again by pressing CTRL key + 9. The
    command bar can be placed anywhere and resized as needed.