New in CADopia 16

Quick Input

Dynamic information and input options as you go.
Quick Input displays dynamic information about lengths, angles, prompts and options right next to your cursor and allows you to enter coordinates, angles and distances. Helps you in creating your drawing faster.

Annotation Scaling

Intelligent scaling of annotations on layout sheets and printouts.
Annotative scaling adjusts the size and scale of your dimensions, texts, hatches and blocks to the scale of each viewport. Annotations are displayed in sizes consistent with the viewport scales in layouts sheets.

Images and blocks as Hatch Patterns

Now, you can create your drawings with hatches that are images or blocks.
Create hatches using patterns of images or blocks. Advanced options such as scaling, spacing and rotation of the pattern are available.

Curved Text

Draw texts along or inside arcs.
Draw curved text entities along an arc. Options supported include text formatting, offset distance and selection between convex or concave sides of the arc.

Drawing Tabs

Switch easily between open drawings using tabs.
Drawing Tabs are now displayed at the top of the drawing window area. When moving your cursor over a tab, you will see a preview of the drawing and its different layouts, so you can switch quickly to the desired view.

DGN Import

Convert DGN files into editable DWG entities.
The ImportDGN command inserts content from DGN files (V7 or V8) as a block in your drawing. DGN import allows you to work collaboratively with other CAD users who use Bentley Microstation.

Head-up Display Toolbar

Quick editing options available from a context sensitive toolbar.
The new contextual toolbar appears next to your cursor when you select entities. Shortcuts include zoom to selection, change LineStyle or LineWidth, change entity layer, and allows you to create a dimension or a block from the selection.

LayerState Manager

Create and manage configurations of layers.
The new LayerState Manager allows you to create and name different Layer states for your layers to easily switch between them. You may for example hide some layers and change their color to show different aspects of the same project based on the audience, for example.

New Selection Methods

Isolate or hide entities in your drawings quickly.
SelectMatching allows you to find similar entities. IsolateEntities and HideEntities let you show or hide parts of your drawing. IsolateLayers has a new option to lock and fade the remaining layers. You can now search and select entities sharing similar properties with the new selection methods.

New Utility Tools for Blocks

New XtraTools commands to manage blocks faster.
ReplaceBlock and ReplaceBlockByReference help you substitute existing blocks by other blocks. You can generate a report listing the number of occurrences of each block using GetBlockInfo. You can also import or redefine block attributes

More XtraToolsTM Commands

New pack of utilities to help streamline tedious tasks.
CADopia 16 introduces a new set of utilities to improve your productivity. Some of these features include Break Lines, Convert a single line text into a multiline one, Make LineStyles by specifying entities, PatternHatch, curvedText, block manager and a Lisp Explorer.